23 comments on “WHAT’S IN MY ZOMBIE BAG?

  1. So! What’s your weapon of choice? Blow ’em to pieces with a loud gun? Wack
    ’em with a katana? Or something else?

  2. Do u know where you got that survival kit inside the bag?

  3. I wouldn’t need a zombie bag. . . but I’d need Daryl.

  4. I have at least 9 different survival kits for everything that could
    possibly go wrong but I think I will make a zombie survival kit too thanks
    for the idea 

  5. WHY DO YOU HAVE ALL THIS STUFF??? Most of that is illegal in England!!!

  6. I have to choose a gun coz I wouldn’t dare to go near a zombie with a close
    ranged weapon

  7. I love your vids. Zombie bag is freaken awesome… My dog peed on mine it
    was sad and gross

  8. I’m hoping the zombie apocalypse will some time happen in the future omg
    I’ve done research for a while and I even stole my friend’s book about «How
    to survive a zombie apocalypse»….I’m just that interested in zombies okay-


  9. Can I put *you* in my bag? I’ll feel much safer then :D

  10. My weapons of choice would be a sword or something with a long blade NOT A
    KNIFE. And I suck at aiming so… Yup.
    Also, May I join you when the apocalypse happens? My older brother seems to
    be really good with aiming and always wanted a crossbow ;(

  11. +Brizzy Voices Where did you get the money for all of this. XD

  12. And the derpy award goes to: Brizzy!

    She is so derpy and unicorny

  13. Brizzy i like your hair in a pleat love ya xx <3

  14. A heavy duty compound bow with heavy duty carbon arrows with sharp steel

  15. Also I would choose only one of those weapons because it would get really
    heavy carrying all of those around. I’d probably stick with the crowbar or
    have you heard of the millitary’s tactical shovel knife?

  16. Brizzy you should watch a program that it is so nice it is called doctor
    who it is in Netflix and well knowing you I thought that you’ll like it so
    roar muak bye Brizzy

  17. I would have a katana or a crossbow, and also have a silenced pistol and
    some knives. I may be small but bitch if you get in my way you better run. 

  18. If I was gonna fight zombies I would pick a sword

  19. I’d use anything that can kill so yea like yours Brizz

  20. How heavy is that?? Would you bf able to carry it while running from
    zombies? XD

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