New York City Council Hearing on Fee for Bags Becomes Heated
On Wednesday, a hearing grew heated as lawmakers considered what seemed to be a simple question: Are plastic bags a problem to be solved, as environmental advocates have long argued, or a necessary, and relatively harmless, part of city life?
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da Vinci, Western Options students add a little joy to gift bags at Jackson's
As part of their participation in the Teen Outreach Program, students from da Vinci Institute and Western Options high schools made and wrapped 1,000 refrigerator magnets that will be given to families who get toys for their children from Jackson's …

Gifts for travelers, from bags to gadgets
LONELY PLANET FOUNDER TONY WHEELER: Wheeler often recommends a fold-up bag, "something that you can carry along for those occasions when unexpected shopping, gifts, whatever, overloads your usual bag." But lately he's suggesting a …