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  1. I came here from the vine «I was waitin for you at the doe!» 

  2. Hopefully more music like this will hit radios everywhere soon… I’m done
    with all the overplayed mAinstream shit. 

  3. its so hard to not bob your head or tap or feet or even sing this in class

  4. This song was used in vines for it’s beat, but it actually is a pretty cool
    and catchy song that many people have never actually heard besides in

  5. Hipster ass people I swear. Lol. Musicians strive to become known, have
    their music heard by many regardless of how it happens. It doesn’t matter
    how you got here. It just matters that you did.

  6. Who else shaked their heads like Jerome? 😀 

  7. Jake & Logan Paul and Josh Peck brought me here

  8. Am I the only one hearing DJ Is My Lover by Ryan Tedder? 

  9. My mother indirectly brought me here by giving birth to me

  10. Proud to say I brought myself here and not some irrelevant Youtuber or Vine

  11. altough its not, this sounds like gta v music.
    radio mirror park maybe ?

  12. does anyone else think the beginning sounds SUPER similar to Daft Punks Too

  13. Michael Bay should team up with Adam Sandler and create a movie so bad it
    causes dementia

  14. I gotta wonder what they find worse:
    Michael Bay movies or Adam Sandler movies?

  15. Having just seen Iron Man 3, I can finally say that I had mixed feelings
    about it. I found some of the dialogue scenes needlessly breathless and
    with too much of that manufactured «wit» that seems to be a thing now in a
    lot of modern movies, probably thanks to Quentin Tarantino. I found the
    comedy in the film very hit or miss — to be fair a lot of it was hit,
    mainly thanks to RDJ, but sometimes the tone shifts were just off and it
    veered into farce. However the overall approach was good as Mike and Jay
    point out, it was still an Iron Man film about Tony Stark facing challenges
    and long odds.

    The biggest weak point of the film by far were the villains and their
    motivations — extremely thin and poorly explained. It’s fine I suppose to
    say that a villain is evil just because he’s crazy, but what about all of
    his ex-military henchmen? Why do all of those US war veterans want to help
    a madman? Why does Rebecca Hall want to help a madman? Who’s also an
    asshole? Why does the VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES want to help a
    crazy madman terrorist? Just to cure his disabled daughter? The fuck?
    Even as a kid this stuff would have had me scratching my head, so I don’t
    give it a pass.

  16. Pain & Gain is not a good movie, but it’s still worth seeing because it’s
    the weirdest, funniest performance I’ve ever seen from the Rock. He steals
    the show.

  17. I actually really like Pain and Gain, and I think it was a big improvement
    for Micheal Bay. Unlike his other movies, it wasn’t a 2 1/2 hour movie
    consisting of nothing but 15,000 cuts of CGI, lens flares ad blurry
    closeups. I though it was pretty hilarious too, although I will admit that
    the fact that it’s based on real life grisly crimes makes it seem a bit

  18. i wouldn’t let michael bay direct me to my seat in a paul thomas anderson
    movie screening.

  19. When the visual effect names came up, my friends and I applauded for the

  20. What I found disturbing about Iron Man 3 was when, eleven seconds after
    Tony Stark’s succubus girlfriend (who he’s supposed to love) is apparently
    dead as smokey bacon, he’s merrily quipping away at Guy Pearce as if the
    soul-destroying bitch had never existed.

  21. Are they begin sarcastic? Just look at Mikes face, when he says he really
    likes Iron Man 3.

  22. Holy fuck. Jay was spot on about Walberg being in Transformers 4.

  23. They disagree with me so they must be hipsters. Right?
    That’s the only argument I ever hear on movie reviews, It’s pretty

    Honestly though, it’s a good movie. There’s some good banter between
    characters, There’s some good action, it’s good to see Stark struggling
    with some internal demons. It’s just an all round fun movie. Not perfect,
    but fun and enjoyable.

    If the only reason you don’t like it is because «they didn’t do the comic
    book mandarin» then you need to grow up. And that’s coming from a comic
    book fan.

  24. hollywood needs to hire whoever makes the trailers for marvel movies as a

  25. Iron Man 3 sucks, hated it. I think you’re quite biased! Best Written? What
    a Joke! and Pain & Gain isn’t a failure? It’s half decent, better story
    then Iron Man 3 I’ll say that.

  26. The «feels like a music video» thing and «this should be just two people
    talking, its not a montage» problem actually is apparent in the Dark Knight
    trilogy after you re-watch them.

  27. So The Mandarin as a punch-line ? Tony’s suits falling apart from
    everything even though it held its own in a fight with Thor ? Gwyneth
    Paltrow saving the day in Yoga pants ? An extremis virus that goes from
    regrowing limbs, exploding and breathing fire ? I love RDJ and he’s perfect
    for the role but that alone cannot suffice in a movie that jumps from great
    to awful so many times that I still don’t know how to feel about it

  28. The criticisms of Pain & Gain could be directly related to Wolf Of Wall
    Street, which you liked? Confusing.

  29. my god, pain and gain looks so fucking stupid. glad i never even heard of
    it until watching this lol.

  30. The biggest plot hole in Iron Man 3 is… The plot. Aldridge Killian has no
    motivation, he has no plan, and he has no ultimate goal. Tony Stark calls
    him a nerd, so he cuts his hair and makes a Terminator 2 plot device so he
    can kill the president and get the Vice President, who he didn’t know would
    be elected when he created the serum, into office. Never tells us why he
    wants the Vice President in office, just a villain. I haven’t even
    mentioned the «Mandarin», which was actually just an actor with a coke
    addiction who Killian used as a scapegoat to blame all of his acts of
    terrorism on… And then he proceeds to walk around twiddling his
    villainous moustache at everyone. 

  31. 20:21 watch mike unconsciously touch his nose at the mere mention of
    cocaine. coincidence? I think not

  32. When people can’t deal with opinions different than theirs, and jump
    immediately to the «How much did X company pay you?» I don’t want to live
    on this planet anymore.

  33. oh man guess what they were fucking right. fuck michael bay

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